EPC Certificate ( Residential Properties )

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Why Do You Need An Energy Performance Certificate Epc?

An energy performance certificate (EPC) shows the landlord or the owner of a property the energy rating of that premise. The scale for rating of a property goes from A (best) to G (poor) energy efficiency. Purchases and sellers of property are required to have an EPC certificate which lasts for 10 years. Landlords require EPC certificates to ensure their properties are energy efficient before leasing them.

What Is The Benefit Of An Epc Certificate?

An EPC certificate has the benefit of highlighting areas of high energy usage. Landlords are then able to accurately target areas that can help to save tenants money by increasing the energy efficiency rating. EPC’s will also show a landlord the best properties prior to purchase.

How To Get Epc In London?

Landlords Checks is licensed to create energy efficiency certificates for both residential and commercial property. Our dedicated team of EPC consultants assess several criteria which is set by legal parameters to establish your EPC rating. We work with property owners to explain the processes and outcomes of an EPC certificate in a friendly and professional manner.
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