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Emergency lights are vital in any emergency where finding the exit route from a building is paramount. This can be during a fire, gas leaks, or power outages during the dark hours. Emergency lights can literally be the difference between life and death. In circumstances where emergency lights are activated, they help to guide people through to a safe route. They also help to reduce panic when emergency evacuation procedures are initiated. It is likely that during an emergency, due to either water ingress or the progression of fire the mains power for the building may terminate, as such, emergency lights run off their own internal batteries and are able to maintain their illumination and light the way to safety. Therefore, to conform to building regulations, emergency lights should be installed and for the safety of the occupants of the building, these emergency lights should be tested regularly.


The amount of emergency lights in a building will be decided at the time of the initial build however it is essential to have your building emergency lights tested and logged in case an inspection is required.

Emergency escape lights are normally found within offices and escape routes that lead to an exit to gain access to the outside. These can be in the form of specifically installed lights that look like all other lights fitted or special signage for example on exit signs over doorways. Emergency lights can also be used around firefighting and safety equipment to ensure their availability during an emergency.


Landlords checks make it easy and quick to get your emergency lights within your building inspected and certified. Our engineers through a thorough inspection will identify all units that do not meet the required standard, they will also, with your consent, take the necessary corrective actions to ensure your building is compliant.

Our engineers are trained to install new emergency lights where their inspection has shown a deficiency in your emergency light system. Call us now at 0208 609 7777 or book online to be able to start your journey in understanding your emergency lights, the maintenance required and any shortfalls to keep your employees safe and ensure your legal liabilities.

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