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Why Do You Need A Commercial Epc Certificate?

The energy performance certificate (EPC) provides property owners or landlords with information about the energy efficiency of a premises, represented on a scale from A (excellent) to G (poor). This rating system is applicable to both buyers and sellers, and the EPC certificate is valid for a period of ten years. Landlords, in particular, are mandated to obtain EPC certificates to ensure the energy efficiency of their properties before leasing them.

Using a rating system ranging from A to G, Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) assess and categorize the energy efficiency of a property, with ‘A’ denoting the highest efficiency and ‘G’ the lowest. The EPC is generated by evaluating standard information on the building’s energy efficiency levels and carbon emissions in comparison to a similar structure.


What Is The Benefit Of A Commercial Epc

An EPC certificate plays a crucial role in identifying areas of high energy consumption, allowing landlords to strategically target improvements that enhance tenants’ cost savings by improving the energy efficiency rating. Additionally, EPCs offer valuable insights for landlords considering property acquisitions, aiding them in making informed decisions about potential energy efficiency enhancements.

For commercial properties, obtaining an EPC certificate is a mandatory step before listing the property for sale or lease. Landlords or sellers must provide the EPC to prospective tenants or buyers before the actual property viewing, alongside any other relevant written information. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in fines. It is essential to obtain a valid EPC evaluation if selling or leasing a business property or if any modifications have been made that could impact its energy rating.

Various commercial buildings, including offices, warehouses, hotels, and retail spaces, fall under the EPC certification requirement. In the case of “New Builds,” an additional Energy Performance Certificate, known as an On Construction Certificate, is necessary to adhere to Building Regulations, and planning for this must be undertaken by the individual responsible for the construction work.

Landlords Checks provides A detailed recommendation report accompanying the EPC, outlining modifications that can enhance the property’s energy rating. In the commercial sector, a Commercial EPC Certificate is valid for ten years or until a newer version is released. Compliance with regulatory obligations requires a proficient and accredited non-domestic energy assessor to conduct all commercial EPC checks.

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