Electrical safety Certificate (Commercial Properties)

Do You Need A Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate?

As a landlord, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that all electrical systems are safe and do not pose a risk to tenants who rent your home. Where a contract stipulates that the landlord is also responsible for electrical items within the property, these items should be inspected on a regular basis. A commercial ECIR certificate will assess your electrical systems and identify any necessary upgrades. A commercial electrical safety certificate is not only required for business establishments. If you own a firm, a business, or an industrial building, you’ll also require one. Any electrical certification paperwork, such as an electrical safety certificate for a commercial premise, must be kept on hand. Not only does it reduce safety risks, but it also benefits your company.

Commercial Electrical Certificate (Eicr)

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How To Obtain A Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate

Our electricians are certified and specialize in commercial, industrial, and commercial properties. With over 20 years of experience, Our quality checks ensure that your property is compliant and safe. Our engineers are aware of the regulations governing these safety checks and will ensure that they are followed to the letter. Contact us and get your landlord’s electrical safety certificate today.

Call us on 0208 609 7777 or book online and we at Landlord check will supply you with a qualified electrician to carry out your ECIR certificate. It is a legal requirement under the occupier’s liability act 1984 that the landlord duty of care is not only towards the tenant but also others that may encounter their property. Our engineers are aware of the legislation surrounding these safety checks and will make sure that compliance is paramount.

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