Portable Appliance Testing

Portable appliance testing (pat) up to 10 items from £49.00 + vat

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What Is Portable Appliance Testing

Portable appliance testing is the process of evaluating electrical appliances and equipment to ensure that they are safe to use. The majority of electrical safety faults can be seen visually, while some defects can only be detected by testing. PAT testing is the most effective technique to ensure that your equipment and appliances are safe. This is a smart approach for landlords to make sure they’re keeping their legal requirements to keep their rented home up to code when it comes to electrical safety.

PAT Testing should be carried out on all portable electrical appliances. A portable electrical appliance is deemed as such if it is fitted with a plug and can be moved from one location to another.

Landlord’s Checks – Portable Appliance Testing

At Landlordschecks, we provide you with experienced testing engineers for PAT testing services on your portable electrical products. These will be documented along with a planned re-test date, which will vary based on the appliance being tested. You will obtain a PAT testing certificate once the portable appliance inspection and testing are completed. Call Landlords Checks to schedule your PAT Testing so that we can assist you.

Items Included In Portable Appliance Testing:

  • Televisions
  • Personal computers
  • Kettles
  • Portable electrical fires
  • Microwaves
  • Toasters
  • Mobile phone chargers
  • This list is not exhaustive.
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