Frequently Asked questions

In accordance with the Gas Safety Regulation 1998, a landlord is a person who rents out his property to a tenant that he owns under a license or a lease for 7 years. You are considered as a landlord even if you don’t fall into the criteria mentioned by the GSIU because there are different meanings of a landlord for different legislation. Properties owned by a landlord under license or lease have multiple duties to perform before giving it out in the market for rent. They have to make sure that their property has exclusive fixtures, fittings, and furniture and has proper electricity, gas, and water supply services for the ease of the tenants.

The records generated by the gas safety check indicates how secure the property is from gas leakages. When the annual gas safety check is completed, a safety certificate is issued to satisfy tenants that the house is safe.

The record for gas safety is formed when the check is completed and it shares all the defects found in the property. Even if the record shows all the safety-related information, you should not assume that this will help and the information mentioned in the document will be sufficient. We advise hiring skilled labor to check the gas safety of the house.

If any fault is found during the check, the owner of the property should right away take action to fix the defect. The record made during the check should be provided to the landlord as soon as possible so that they can perform necessary actions. A landlord should ensure that his property is safe and secure for the tenants to live.

We highly recommend every landlord have CO and smoke alarms in the house to ensure safety and security. Alarms should not be considered a replacement for annual gas safety and maintenance inspection by Landlord checks.

Yes, we would recommend you to test all your appliances by Landlord Checks. We provide annual inspections as per the customer demand.