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Landlords are responsible for conducting a fire risk assessment in their properties. This assessment ensures the safety of tenants by identifying and addressing potential fire hazards. It is a legal obligation, and landlords must take necessary measures to minimize risks and protect occupants.

In compliance with the Gas Safety Regulation 1998, a landlord is defined as an individual who rents out a property that they own under a license or a lease for a duration of 7 years. Even if one doesn’t meet the criteria specified by the Gas Safe Installation and Use (GSIU), they are still considered a landlord, as various legislations may define the term differently.

Landlords with properties under license or lease are obligated to fulfill several responsibilities before offering them for rent in the market. They must ensure that the property features exclusive fixtures and fittings, has proper electricity, gas, and water supply, and possesses the necessary certifications to ensure the convenience and safety of the tenants.

Landlords are required to obtain an EPC, which rates the energy efficiency of their property. It provides valuable information to tenants about energy consumption and costs.

Landlords must arrange an EICR to assess the electrical safety of their property. This report identifies any potential hazards, ensuring the electrical installations meet safety standards. It is a legal requirement to obtain a valid EICR.

Landlords must prioritize gas safety by conducting annual gas safety checks on their properties. This ensures that gas appliances and installations are in good condition, minimizing the risk of gas leaks. A Gas Safety Certificate is issued upon completion, assuring tenants of a safe living environment. Compliance with gas safety regulations is a legal obligation for landlords.

The gas safety check records serve as a crucial indicator of the property’s safety against gas leakages. Upon the completion of the annual gas safety check, a safety certificate is issued to assure tenants of the property’s safety.

The gas safety record is generated at the conclusion of the check, encompassing details of any defects identified within the property. This record serves as a comprehensive documentation of the safety assessment, providing transparency and necessary information to all concerned parties.

If any fault is found during the inspection, is it the property owners responsibility to source a company to fix the defect. The record made during the check should be provided to the landlord as soon as possible so that they can perform necessary actions. A landlord should ensure that his property is safe and secure for the tenants to live.
It is a legal requirement that fire detection equipment is provided for each property, with one working smoke alarm in the room most used by tenants, one smoke alarm in every circulation space as well as a heat alarm in every kitchen. Carbon monoxide Alarms by law should be installed in the same room with an appliance that burns solid fuel, even if that appliance isn’t in use. Alarms should not be considered a replacement for annual gas safety and maintenance inspection by Landlord checks.
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Fire Risk Assessment
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