Fire Safety Risk Assessment Certificate from £150.00

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Fire risk assessment company

Why do you need a Fire Risk Assessment?

The legislation dictates that a fire risk assessment should be carried out for every workplace by a competent person, this fire risk assessment should be compiled and issued to all employees to ensure that all fire hazards and risks are completely understood by all personal. The fire risk assessment once written should also be maintained regularly especially when changing business practices, new refurbishments and/or new hazards are introduced. Companies should also be aware that this responsibility is also relevant to public spaces that are owned by the company.

Landlord check’s Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Fire safety risk assessment assessors of our company are fully trained which exceed the legal requirement to ensure that your fire risk assessment is complete. The team have experience in multi-building assessments, office blocks, hostel accommodation, animal facilities and public spaces. We further ensure that the reports you are given are easy to read, fully explainable and our assessors will talk you through the findings to ensure any remedial action that is required, can be taken.

fire safety risk assessment certificate at £150 in the UK
Fire risk assessment company

Minimizing your Risk

Landlord’s check’s will be able to show you, as a client, where you can minimise your risks concerning fire safety. This will outline control measures and preventative measures for either your maintenance team or Landlord Checks engineers to rectify.

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