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Ensuring your Gas Boiler is Safe

Your gas boiler burns a carbon-based fuel and as a by product releases poisonous carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, in most cases this is egressed from the boiler via the external flume pipe. Where this does not happen, a dangerous situation can occur for the residents of the property. It is both vital and a legal obligation to ensure the boiler is functioning correctly and no harmful emissions enter the property.

Boiler service and gas safety certificate
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Signs of a Gas boiler not Functioning Correctly

Should your boiler be making unusual noises or leaking water from any of the pipes connected to it you should immediately call Landlords Checks on 0208 609 7777 or book online. Our engineers are trained to identify problem areas associated with boiler malfunction and will be able to repair and resolve those issues.

Landlords Gas Boiler Installation & Safety Certificate

Gas boiler safety certificates and other gas appliance safety certificates can be requested from Landlords Checks. As a minimum client should have a gas appliance check carried out annually, it is imperative to keep records of these checks, at Landlords Checks we remind clients 30 days in advance when their certificate is required to be renewed. To make sure that you are never in a position of non- compliance with your legal responsibilities, call us on 0208 609 7777 or book online and we will act.

boiler safety certificate