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Ensuring Your Gas Boiler Is Safe

It is critical to get your gas boiler serviced to keep it in good working order. Your boiler must be approved as safe and appropriate for use as a heat-producing device under Building Regulations, which are meant to ensure that buildings are safe to use and live in.

Signs Of A Gas Boiler Not Functioning Correctly

Should your boiler be making unusual noises or leaking water from any of the pipes connected to it you should immediately call Landlords Checks on 0208 609 7777 or book online. Our engineers are trained to identify problem areas associated with boiler malfunction and will be able to repair and resolve those issues.

Landlords Gas Boiler Installation & Safety Certificate

Gas boiler safety certificates and other gas appliance safety certificates can be requested from Landlords Checks. We can assist you with the installation of a new boiler or the repair of an existing boiler. Choose our boiler repair service if you want us to inspect your boiler for problems. Landlords Checks is a Gas Safe registered company that specializes in boiler repairs. During the service, our Gas Safe qualified engineer will ensure that your gas boiler is in good working order and that it is performing safely, efficiently, and effectively, as directed by the appliance manufacturer. They’ll do this by performing a series of checks and tests in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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