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Inventory Report

Every landlord must have a landlord inventory and a schedule of the condition report. Without it, you may end up putting yourself and your property at risk. To protect yourself from damage incurred during the tenancy, conduct a thorough inventory check before new tenants move in. Tenants can contest any deductions from their deposit because all tenancy deposits must be registered with a government-approved program. Landlords have a limited chance of successfully claiming without a property inventory report. Landlordschecks has negotiated extremely low prices for professional-grade reports from accredited inventory clerks to assist safeguard you and your property.

Content Mentioned In The Report

The property inventory report should include facts about the condition of the property’s kitchen, bathrooms, windows, windows, walls, fittings, and fixtures, as well as any furnished items. The inventory should contain supporting evidence such as digital photographs or video, as well as a thorough tenancy inventory list of the items on the property. Before the tenant decides to move in, the report will also include information on the property. Whether or not the residence has been furnished recently. To describe how clean the property is and whether or not any harm has already occurred. How much electricity was used previously? The report also contains the overall number of pieces of furniture in the home.

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