What are the 5 Causes of Fire?

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There are thousands of house fires each year in the UK; some are minor, resulting in no injuries or even the need to notify the fire department, while others are more catastrophic, even fatal. According to estimates, the kitchen is where 60% of home fires start. However, there is a fire hazard practically everywhere in the building. Given the number of people in the workplace and the various elements that could enhance the risk of a fire, it is crucial that the proper precautions be taken to lower these risks.

It is simple to think that you wouldn’t experience it. Accidents typically arrive without warning and without giving any advance notice. But if a few straightforward fire safety precautions are not followed, it may happen to anyone. Some fire threats are well known to everyone, while others may surprise you. Here, we’ll examine five of the most typical causes of fire UK. Most of them are preventable; therefore, the fire should not start in the first place.

The destruction of structures and other property can be avoided. As well as the potential loss of life, by being aware of the most frequent causes of house fires.

What Are the Causes of Fire?

A variety of factors cause accidental fires. Fires are frequently caused by negligent carelessness, reckless behaviour, or flaws in products or technology. They can occasionally be avoided since they can be brought on by an “act of God,” e.g., a lightning strike.

In some ways, our only option is to make the best preparations we can for any eventuality. Understanding the causes of fires is the first step in this preparation.

Appliances and Equipment

A possible fire danger is any appliance that produces heat (such as heaters, clothes dryers, and computers) or warms up after prolonged usage. An important source of preventable fires is unattended cooking equipment. If overlooked, overloading extension leads, frayed cables, faulty plugs, and damaged sockets can all result in fires. Checking them visually will only take a few seconds but will help you avoid a lot of trouble and money.


Candles are ambient and romantic, but make sure they are mounted in a sturdy, stable holder. You should never leave a burning candle unattended. This warning label also comes on every candle. But many candles might burn out of control since they are frequently overlooked. On Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day, candle fires are most likely to happen. Use them on a level, flat surface so they can’t tip over and keep them out of reach from curious youngsters and animals.


The result of careless smoking behaviours is one of the most frequent causes of house fires. Smoking can occasionally cause people to nod off. They run the risk of starting a fire on their couch, bed, or other furniture, which is sometimes fatal. Throwing still-hot ashes into a garbage can, where they could ignite, is another preventable risk.

Cooking Equipment

Restaurants are generally the first structures that come to mind when considering buildings with cooking equipment. However, a cooking section is almost always present in establishments that serve food. This is the single most frequent reason for commercial fires due to high cooking temperatures. Combustible oils and grease, and the busy nature of industrial kitchens.

Old Fire Risk Assessments

Never rely on chance and “keep the old one,” and do a new fire risk assessment if you move into a new workplace or a previously occupied building. A new evaluation ensures that you cover all aspects of fire safety because several circumstances could have changed since the previous fire risk assessment.

All commercial and company property owners are legally obligated to guarantee that their buildings are completely protected from fire hazards. And to take all necessary precautions to minimize any fire risks in the workplace.

There are ways to prepare for a fire, even though it is impossible to predict when or where one will happen. Additionally, not just homes are affected by flames. Because more people often inhabit workplaces, fires at office buildings and other places of business can be just as devastating, if not more so. At Landlordschecks, our experienced team offers complete fire risk assessments to ensure you adhere to your legal requirements to minimize all fire risks identified.

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