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A comprehensive and accurate Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is mandatory for both commercial and residential premises. Entrusting Landlords Checks to perform the assessment assures that your premises are secure, offering peace of mind. Guarantees the safety of employees, the public, and tenants.

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Simply superb- Getting an HMO license is an incredibly stressful process and culminates with a Fire Risk Assessment. Mo was excellent in his knowledge and ability to make sure my properties were HMO compliant. I have used the company before and will continue to use them again. Note they are also significantly cheaper than their competitors but often are able to arrange next day appointments. Thanks a lot! Tanvi the Salesman was also great as well.

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The Landlords Checks fire risk assessment process is a comprehensive evaluation conducted to ensure the safety of both domestic and commercial properties under landlord ownership. This systematic assessment involves a thorough examination of the premises to identify potential fire hazards, assess existing fire safety measures, and determine any areas of improvement.

Within our comprehensive report, you’ll find a detailed action plan designed to address identified hazards, along with recommendations on how to either eliminate or reduce them to an acceptable level of risk. Our assessments adhere to the suggested guidelines and approach outlined in the PAS 79 document.

The key components covered in our fire risk assessments include, at a minimum:

  1. Identification of Fire Hazards
  2. Evaluation of Fire Safety Measures
  3. Management and prevention measures
  4. Escape route assessment
  5. Evaluation of emergency lighting installation
  6. Assessment of smoke fire alarm and detection systems
  7. Review of operational facilities for the Fire Department

These assessments are a holistic approach to fire safety, ensuring that your property not only meets current safety standards but also prepares you for any potential future fire risks.

Prioritize safety and legal compliance with a comprehensive fire risk assessment, providing you with real peace of mind.

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